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Journal of Social Sciences is an HEC approved journal that publishes researches in social sciences including but not limited to Anthropology, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, History, International Relations,  Linguistics, Literature, Mass Communication, Law, Political Science, Law, Arts, Psychology, Social Theory, Sociology, Gender Studies and Urban Studies. The journal publishes original researches in theory and practice of social sciences in national and international contexts and promotes innovation in research culture. The journal is a platform for academicians, research professionals and scholars to contribute and study researches on various issues, aspects and dimensions of their subject, developing thereby a research culture for sharing and extending insights in social sciences. The purpose is to serve diverse needs and demands of learners and scholars in rapidly growing research culture through our emerging university web. The journal provides a possibility of dialogue amongst the scholars, a basic requirement for cultivating a healthy research environment. Therefore, the journal welcomes genuine and stimulating researches that cogently attempt to generate new knowledge and critique the existing fund of knowledge. Books reviews are also published.

The journal is constantly striving to achieve excellence by promoting quality research. It is also committed to step forward with greater zeal to set standards of quality and academic integrity. In recognition of its efforts and contribution to research, the journal has been recognized in “CATEGORY Y” by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Print ISSN: 1812-0687

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Vol. 14 No. 1 (2023): Journal Of Social Sciences
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