Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Global Relevance and engagement: To publish research that addresses social issues of global significance, providing insights and solutions that can contribute to the betterment of societies worldwide. To actively seek contributions from researchers and scholars worldwide, fostering an international community of social science scholars.
  2. Promotion of Diversity: To embrace diversity in research topics, methodologies, and authorship, reflecting the multifaceted nature of social sciences and promoting inclusivity in scholarly discourse. To publish a wide variety of content, including original research articles, review papers, methodological contributions, and theoretical discussions, encompassing the entire spectrum of social sciences.
  3. Knowledge Dissemination: To serve as a premier platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research, theories, and methodologies in the diverse field of social sciences.
  4. Interdisciplinary Exploration: To foster interdisciplinary collaboration and encourage the exploration of the interconnections between various social science disciplines, promoting a holistic understanding of complex societal phenomena.
  5. Engagement with Real-World Challenges: To bridge the gap between academic research and practical applications by publishing studies that has direct relevance to policymakers, practitioners, and community stakeholders.
  6. Promotion of Critical Inquiry: To encourage critical thinking and intellectual dialogue, offering a platform for scholars to engage in rigorous debates and challenge prevailing assumptions.
  7. Early Career Support: To provide mentorship and opportunities for early career researchers, helping them develop their academic careers and contribute to the journal's intellectual growth.
  8. Accessible Format: To present research findings in a reader-friendly and accessible format, catering to both academic and non-academic audiences.
  9. Continuous Improvement: To regularly evaluate and enhance journal policies, processes, and quality standards in response to emerging research trends and community feedback.
  10. Collaborative Community: To build a vibrant scholarly community around the journal by facilitating networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among authors, reviewers, and readers.
  11. Impact Assessment: To track the impact and influence of published research, ensuring that the journal remains a valuable resource for the global social science community.
  12. Ethical Research: To uphold the highest ethical standards in research and publication, addressing issues such as research integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct.
  13. Open Access: To promote open access principles, making research freely accessible to a broad audience, thus facilitating the democratization of knowledge.
  14. Peer-Reviewed Excellence: To maintain a rigorous peer review process that ensures the quality, validity, and reliability of published research.
  15. Timely Publication: To expedite the publication process while ensuring thorough peer review, thereby minimizing the time from submission to dissemination.
  16. Practical Impact: To encourage research that provides practical insights and recommendations, facilitating the translation of academic findings into real-world solutions.

These aims and objectives can form the core mission of the "Journal of Social Sciences."