Editorial Process

Editorial Process

Journal of Social Sciences (ISSN: 1812-0687) is an HEC recognized research journal that publishes original researches in social sciences. To ensure originality and quality, the contributions are first sifted by the editorial board and officially processed through Turnitin for plagiarism check. The contributions that fulfill Tunritin conditions are passed through double blind peer review process observing strict secrecy. The authors of the contributions recommended by the reviewers for publishing are requested for revisions if required.

Plagiarism Policy

Journal of Social Sciences follows Government College University plagiarism policy which is in line with the plagiarism policy of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The basic features are:

  • Contributions already published are not entertained.
  • Turnitin report generated personally by the contributor is not acceptable.

  • If the contribution is based upon a thesis submitted to a university, the document may show very high plagiarism ratio. It should be either rewritten/paraphrased, or the report of the thesis officially generated should be submitted. For details of the policy, visit the following link:
  • https://gcuf.edu.pk/rules-hec-plagiarism-policy

Copyright Agreement

Submission of copyright agreement by authors is an extremely essential requirement to initiate processing of any paper. This agreement assigns to the JSS of Critical Inquiry and the GCUF a non-exclusive license to use the document for worldwide publication, distribution and reprint in all languages, forms and media, and in courses of instruction. Any other usage is prohibited without the expressed permission of the author. Processing of paper may be suspended in case of failure to submit copyright agreement at the time of submission of paper.