Peer Review Policy


The peer review process is an essential component of Journal of Social Science's commitment to publishing high-quality, credible, and scholarly research. Journal is a peer reviewed. Review is sought on individual manuscripts from reviewers/experts in the field that are not part of the journal's editorial staff, editorial board or publishing institute. Following policy outlines the principles and procedures governing the peer review process for manuscripts submitted to JSS.

Types of Peer Review

JSS Adopt the Double-Blind Review: It means both the identities of the reviewers and the authors are concealed from each other.

Peer Review Criteria

Manuscripts submitted are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and significance of the research.
  • Methodological rigor and appropriateness.
  • Clarity, organization, and quality of the presentation.
  • Ethical considerations, including plagiarism and conflicts of interest.
  • Adherence to JSS's author guidelines.

Selection of Reviewers

  • Reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the subject matter of the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should have no conflicts of interest with the authors or the research.

Peer Review Process

  • Upon submission, we sent the manuscript any member of the Editorial Board and they decide about the relevance of the paper then the preliminary approval for sending paper to the reviewer’s manuscripts are assigned to an Editor who oversees the peer review process.
  • The Editor identifies and invites suitable reviewers based on their expertise.
  • Reviewers evaluate the manuscript and provide constructive feedback to the Editor, including a recommendation for acceptance, revision, or rejection. It suggest by reviewer’s report, the comments of reviewers are returned to author.
  • Authors are provided with the opportunity to respond to reviewers' comments and revisions.
  • Authors have the right to appeal editorial decisions, and appeals are considered by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • The Editor makes a final decision based on the reviewers' comments and recommendations.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

JSS is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of both authors and reviewers throughout the peer review process.


JSS aims to complete the peer review process as promptly as possible while maintaining the quality of the reviews.

Ethical Considerations

JSS adheres to ethical guidelines for peer review, including addressing conflicts of interest, plagiarism, and maintaining the integrity of the review process.

Publication Decision

The final publication decision rests with the Editor, who considers all relevant information, including reviewer comments and recommendations.

Reviewer Recognition

JSS acknowledges the valuable contributions of reviewers.

Policy Review

This Peer Review Policy is reviewed periodically to ensure it remains aligned with best practices and JSS's goals.