A Historical Analysis of the Progression of Edible Oil and Ghee Industry in Lyallpur

A Historical Analysis of the Progression


  • Hamid Iqbal Hamid Iqbal Independent Researcher, Sargodha


Lyallpur, Edible Oil, Vegetable ghee, Economic Development, Industrial Growth


This study examines the development of the edible oil and ghee sector in the Lyallpur district. The oil business in Lyallpur was instigated both by private entities and the government, making it one of the country’s most prominent industries during 1947-1977. This business bolstered the prominence of the vegetable ghee and edible oil sector and significantly contributed to the overall economy of Pakistan, particularly in Lyallpur. Qualitative research has been employed to arrive at a logical and reasoned conclusion by using primary and secondary sources. This study highlights that the oil and ghee industry had encountered obstacles in achieving rapid growth due to the ambiguous strategies used by governments instead of government of Ayub Khan. Significant levies on the production of oil and additional taxes on the importation of industrial machinery and raw materials caused hurdles. This study suggests that the government should earmark a dedicated budget for the said business and machinery and industry sectors should be granted import rebates and exemptions from taxable revenue.


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