Cultural Tourism in Pakistan: Prospects and Challenges

Cultural Tourism in Pakistan


  • Dr. Somia Tasneem Lecturer University of Canterburg
  • Maheen Khawar Naib Muntazim – Tahreek e Al-Kitab
  • Rabia Hayat Lecturer (visiting), Government College for Women Khurrianwala


cultural tourism, prospects, heritage, medieval periods, ancient times


This research study examined the state of cultural tourism in Pakistan as well as the consequences of cultural tourism with detail were also explored. The prospects for promoting tourism in the country as well as challenges faced in this regard were also been studied in this article. The current study also discussed the strategies which may be used for the betterment and promotion of tourism. The study was done by using the qualitative content analysis technique. The study is concluded as that Pakistan has a vast range of prospects for cultural, religious, adventures, and other types of tourism in the country and can be promoted by using the heritage of ancient times as well as medieval periods. The archeological archaeological perspectives (material and non-material cultural aspects) of ancient and medieval societies are the heritage of Pakistan and it may be used for the promotion of tourist activities in the country. The study also presented a view that international as well as domestic tourists have to face number of difficulties and challenges which must be addressed and resolved on priority bases. The departments and authorities concerned with the tourism industry must address difficulties faced by tourists and has to resolve the issue on priority bases. 


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