Depalpur: Rise and Fall of a City


  • Muhammad Iqbal Mughal Assistant Professor of History, Government Post Graduate College, Depalpur


Punjabi cities and villages offer a sound study of the culture, agriculture, interfaith harmony and combined living but litter work has been done on the regional history. The article examines the history of Depalpur, an important city of South Asia. Depalpur remained one of the most important cities from the ancient period, now saturated in the Punjab Pakistan. Once a capital of the province of Punjab and hub of political activities, in modern times, it has been relegated to the status of an insignificant district of the Punjab. Thus the article seeks into the factors behind the varying vicissitudes of a city, tracing its history from ancient to modern times. It also focuses on the socio-economic transformation, archaeological and historical remains of the past and political role of the elites. It also examines the defensive role of the city in Sultanate period against Mongole invasions in the Subcontinent.



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