Benazir Bhutto’s Struggle and sacrifices for Democracy

Benazir Bhutto’s Struggle


  • Imran shahzad Imran Shahzad International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr Akhtar Hussain Assistant Professor, Department of History and Pakistan Studies, International Islamic University, Islamabad.


Benazir Bhutto, Democracy, Military, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


Benazir Bhutto, the youngest and first woman prime minister of Pakistan, is considered one the prominent champions of democracy in the country. In spite of several constraints, she chose to devote herself for the promotion and protection of democracy. Her quest for democratic norms and struggle for a just society internees a whole generation of political activists in Pakistan. She stepped into the thorny field of politics owing to the arrest and later demise of her father. Benazir refused to yield before Zia and his junta; ready to sacrifice everything. Her exile could not prevent her to stop struggle for democracy. The reward for her struggle was that she was twice elected the prime minister by the people of Pakistan; but twice her government was dismissed; a great sacrifice that she had given for the sake of democracy. She wholeheartedly worked for the deletion of controversial article that empowered president to dismiss the civilian government. It was due to her consistent struggle against General Pervaiz Musharraf that he was ready to allow the Heads of both main stream political parties to participate into active politics. She was principled enough that when she observed that the true opportunity to restore democracy had arrived, she at once decided to return Pakistan in spite of life threat from Musharraf regime. She strongly believed on democratic norms and rituals as compare to any other political leaders in Pakistan. The objective of writing this article is to demonstrate the political struggle and sacrifices of Benazir for the sake of democracy.



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